Game at Old Gaffers Festival

Gaffers NCI ChallengeYarmouth Old Gaffers Festival saw Needles NCI challenging the general public to predict a boat drift.

The scenario showed WHUPSY TWO (a small-draft fishing boat with a cabin) with broken steering and adrift but safe until help arrives in an hour. Where would she be in an hour?

We had a fantastic 236 conversations over the three days from a generous public who paid £1 for each guess. The result is 50°39.85N 001°40.58W … As shown in our picture.

Many underestimated how a very shallow boat with a cabin would be pushed by the wind.

Winner of NCI game at GaffersOne person was closer than anyone else… The winner is Alex from Surrey (age 14) who was partly helped by her mum (both pictured on the left), but she made the final decision. Congratulations Alex!

Our Watchkeepers were delighted to have the opportunity to talk to the public about tides and wind. As the Gaffers Festival is a sailing celebration we had many experienced and amateur sailors as well as brave non-Mariners who simply enjoyed themselves and made a guess. Thanks to everyone for making this fun!